How we work with you

We want your ideas to become reality, whether you are starting with a single module or have a specificed unit in mind

At GRID System ApS, we enjoy collaborating with our clients from start to end … and beyond. We want your ideas to become reality, whether you start with a single module or have a specified unit in mind. 

We provide you with sketches and suggestions that show the adaptability of GRID and the multitude of possibilities. In close partnership, we develop the most functional and elegant GRID system for your project.

Let's guide you through the process

First inquiry

Whether your idea is sketched out in an email, jotted down on a napkin or still floating around in your mind, you can contact us with an inquiry – we can help with the rest. Many GRID solutions that leave our workshop started with an idea from a customer, architect or designer. With our help, they have come to life as part of a finished interior, adapted to the customer’s needs.

Design and visualisation

In addition to providing 3D drawings, we advise on stability and construction, use of components, and can match a specific style or design related to an existing interior. We provide an overview of components and include suggestions for additional components to match the function and style of your interior.

Production and pre-assembly

We plan production in our assembly, where all the order’s components are prepared. The vast majority of our orders are pre-assembled. After assembly, the finished configuration is divided and sent on pallets.

Shipping and on-site installation

We ship worldwide from our assembly in Lynge, north of Copenhagen. If you require on-site installation, please contact us for a quote.

Want to be inspired?

See how architects and designers unfold their creativity with GRID as building blocks.