Biophilic spaces

Bring nature into your space with plant boxes and moss panels

Add plant boxes and moss panels to your GRID configuration. Just like adding shelves, cabinets, lockers, whiteboards, mirrors, felt, cork and more.

With GRID you can bring nature into any space with plant boxes and moss panels. The green elements are plug and play and a natural part of the modular GRID interior system — ready to support your visions of creating greener and more beautiful offices and spaces.



Biophilic design is about more than aesthetics. Including natural elements in your office interior can both enhance your space and improve employee wellbeing. These biophilic elements have been shown to reduce stress, increase mental health and boost creativity and productivity.


Biophilia means ‘the love of nature and living things’ and was first introduced by the German psychologist Edward O. Wilson. The word ‘philia’ is Greek and means love.

Ways to integrate biophilia in interior design with GRID

  • Natural lighting
  • Plants
  • Water features
  • Images of natural elements

Biophilia and biophilic design brings buildings to life by connecting people with nature. It’s easy to add anywhere – in waiting areas, work zones, lecture rooms and break-out spaces and so much more. Productivity is improved when the space is enriched by plants and natural elements. Even nature-based images improve well-being and support job satisfaction and performance. Don’t just take it from us, see the research here.

How do you incorporate biophilic design into a modular interior system like GRID?


At GRID, we know the importance of ‘making space work’ with biophilic elements. Our Plant Boxes and Moss Panels can easily be integrated as standard components in the flexible and modular interior system. Add plant boxes and moss panels to your GRID configuration – it’s as easy as adding shelves, cabinets, lockers, whiteboards, mirrors, felt panels and more. Choosing green elements can enhance your space and make biophilic design a natural part of your interior with room dividers, book displays, seating islands and so much more. These modular biophilic elements are designed for the GRID system. Simply add the Plant Boxes or Moss Panels directly into your system and make these natural elements an organic part of your workplace — or any space that could use a deeper connection to nature.


Let's show you how we work with biophilic design elements as standard components

Plant boxes integrated in your GRID interior


The Plant Box inserts fit directly into GRID modules and are mounted with box sides or placed in a top box. The insert is waterproof and has a loose drainage base to create optimal conditions for plants. You can add box side panels surrounding the insert in standard black, grey and white colours, in oak — or in any specialised colour or material that matches your design needs.


Moss panels as plug and play for your room divider or wall

Moss Panels fit one GRID module and can be used for vertical or horizontal mounting. The moss is preserved with natural plant substances. Each panel is a mix of turf and cushion moss and each panel is unique. Choose between a black, grey or white frame and backside.

Sound absorbing — perfect for open-space workplaces


If you are planning an open-space workplace full of room-dividers and break-out zones, panels are a perfect sound solution thanks to their sound-absorbing effects. Beyond our biophilic components, GRID can be designed with magnetic felt boards, cork boards and upholstered seating. You can even integrate biophilic design by adding nature-based images printed directly on your GRID panels.


Are you looking for plant boxes or moss to enhance your space?


Based on the iconic cube — the GRID module — and its many accessory components, GRID is the ultimate flexible interior system. The adaptability of GRID provides the freedom to design a cohesive interior system perfect for workplaces, retail, hotels, restaurants, museums, galleries, libraries and educational spaces — as well as event interiors, stand design and even indoor and outdoor art installations.


You can build custom furniture, create artistic installations and customise your design using other GRID components and combine multiple functions in the same unit. The lightweight GRID modules — moulded in one piece — are the building blocks of the system.

A green connection. Makes us happier just by looking at it. 

Want to go biophilic with your GRID? Get in touch, ask for a quote and leave it all up to our design team and passionated craftsmen in Denmark. We look forward to bringing nature into your space with plant boxes and moss panels.