Hotel & Restaurant interior

Making your guests feel welcome

Modular interior system perfect for hotels and restaurants

GRID is more than an interior system for retail, workspaces, libraries and events. Many restaurants and hotels welcome guests with GRID as a part of the interior design, e.g. in the reception and lobby area. With GRID, you can design and create a beautiful space where your guests will love to relax, wine and dine. Both indoors and outdoors. The basic modules in black, white or grey can be combined in endless ways for creative interior design – in any height, width or depth and with components for display, room-division, magazines, books and seating.

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Take a look at how other architects work with GRID for hotel and restaurant interiors

We work with interior designers, architects and space planners to create the best possible interiors for hotels and restaurants. Be inspired by our cases and visit our References to see more from around the world.