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The modular system every architect and interior designer should know. Here's why.

Welcome to GRID and our GRID system. Based on the iconic cube – the GRID module – and its many accessory components, GRID is the ultimate flexible interior system. The adaptability of GRID provides the freedom to design a cohesive interior system perfect for workplaces, retail, hotels, restaurants, museums, galleries, libraries and educational spaces – as well as event interiors, stand design and even indoor and outdoor art installations. Build custom furniture or create artistic installations. Customise your design using other GRID components and combine multiple functions in the same unit. The lightweight GRID modules, moulded in one piece, are the building blocks of the system.

The GRID modules are the building blocks and create the framework for the system. Each GRID module measures 40 x 40 x 40 cm with a frame of 12 x 12 mm. Once the foundational structure is in place, you can add countless functions, features and designs. When new needs arise, existing components can be removed and new functions can be added and adapted for a new design. With its durable modularity, GRID provides the unique freedom to reconfigure and match your changing interior design needs.

The cube is the building block of the GRID system

Cube + components = anything you can imagine

Create anything you can imagine for seating, tables, storage, space division, walls, ceilings and more. The GRID module fits shelves and side, top and base panels and a variety of components that can change your GRID into the design solution that meets your needs. The GRID module can have open or closed boxes. You can add cross braces, hangers, planters, upholstered seats, magazine shelves, cabinets, dividers inserts, drawers, hangers, locks, castors and legs, whiteboards, felt panels, cork panels, whiteboard panels, acrylic frosted or transparent sides, mirrors and more.


Inspire me.

How do you want your GRID?

The GRID module is available in these standard colours:

black, grey and white.


(If you need coloured cubes for a special production,
please contact us.)



The cube module is made of fibreglass-reinforced nylon (PA6, 30% glass), which can be converted into granules and recycled. The frame holds the same solid colour throughout the material, so no need for repaint or repair. It is also UV and heat resistant.

Colours and materials

Black RAL 9011
Grey RAL 7043
White RAL 9016

Truly modular and lightweight

Perfect in a world that is rapidly changing. When it comes to designing your GRID, you can always build and rebuild and change the configuration. You can add new components or connect in new ways. GRID is a truly modular, sustainable, interior system for all of us seeking minimal environmental impact. After use, you simply disassemble the structure, screw by screw, and GRID is ready to be reused.

Build and rebuild.
Again and again.

You can connect two, ten or hundreds of GRID modules and add shelves and sides, top and base panels in different materials, cross braces, hangers, planters, upholstered seats, magazine shelves, cabinets, whiteboards, felt panels and cork panels. All of these components make it possible to create a design solution that meets your needs.


There is a special screw in town

Meet the special GRID screw. A unique hex socket set screw with hexagonal hole for an Allen key in both ends. For professionals this means easier assembling and disassembling. The GRID screw can be easily unscrewed to change the GRID configuration again and again – which is the concept behind the GRID system. Build and rebuild. Again and again.

The mounting holes are the true heroes ...

The visible mounting holes are the ‘open secret’ to why GRID is such a genius system. Mounting holes in the frame make it easy to assemble countless modules to fit your needs – in any height, width and depth.

Boxes for plants (and more)

Biophilic workspace design has shown to reduce stress, increase creativity and enhance mental clarity. With GRID, you can bring nature into your workspace with plant boxes as a natural part of the GRID system. Plant box inserts fit down into a GRID module and are mounted with box sides or in a top box. The insert is waterproof and has a loose drainage base to create optimal conditions for plants. You can also add box sides to create space for open storage.


See examples of how GRID can support your biophilic ambitions with plant boxes and moss panels.

Please, take a seat ...

Create an exceptional seating unit that matches the form, function, and style of your project. With cross braces or side panels for support, the GRID modules with upholstered seats transform into an endless array of seating possibilities. For large seating arrangements, benches or stools. With built-in chargers for mobiles and computers.


With GRID your seating unit can bring new life into all spaces. Cross braces at the base not only strengthen the modules, they also give the unit a lighter and more open look. While unpadded top panels can be used as seats, they are also foot rests for unusual seating positions, side tables for a cup of coffee and steps to access an upper level.


Get inspired and choose GRID, if you are looking for a seating design with endless possibilities for coffee breaks, hangouts, lectures, presentations or just a place to sit. 



Be inspired by our Seating catalogue here.

Locked away

We work with the best key and lock suppliers of all international standards to meet your needs. Locks are mounted in a drawer or cupboard inserts and can be either traditional or electronic key and code locks. Just ask, and we will guide you through the possibilities.

If you can design it, we can make it

For over a decade, GRID has worked closely with design professionals to bring their design visions to life. You can create whatever you need. If you can design it, we can make it.

Build without borders.
Indoors and outdoors.

GRID is truly modular – in all three dimensions. You can connect as many modules as your idea requires for indoor and outdoor use. GRID modules, cross braces and specialised plywood top panels are durable, weather resistant and suitable for outdoor use.


Everything you need to move forward

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