GRID colours and materials

GRID standard colours

Black RAL 9011
Grey RAL 7043
White RAL 9016

Plus a wide collection of nature, soft and hard surfaces

A number of material surfaces are included in the GRID standard collection. These materials can be combined in countless ways to create strong visual effects.




Oak veneer, cork and leather are natural materials with a heavier texture. Oak veneer adds a warm, calm and welcoming feeling to the GRID structure. Cork offers an uneven, golden surface and leather provides a natural and exclusive look.


Felt and textiles create a softer expression. Their textural surfaces are a beautiful contrast to the GRID structures and add softness to the design. The felt is available in three delicate grey tones: Off White, Stone Grey and Anthracite.

The textiles are divided into two types: Messenger, expressing a formal look and feel, and Remix, representing a more casual expression.


Clear Polycarbonate
Frosted Acrylic


Whiteboard, Clear Acrylic and Frosted Acrylic are all hard and smooth surfaces with a distinctly different look and feel. Whiteboard is glossy, Clear Acrylic is transparent and Frosted Acrylic is semi-transparent, with an icy look.

Acrylic Mirror


Acrylic Mirror has a deep and dramatic effect. Perfect for both indoors and outdoors.


Combine with creativity

GRID_ 13
White with grey plant box
Grey with felt and oak
Black with cork

Create anything you can imagine for seating, tables, storage, space division, walls, ceilings and more. The GRID module fits shelves and side, top and base panels and a variety of components that can change your GRID into the design solution that meets your needs. The GRID module can have open or closed boxes. You can add cross braces, hangers, planters, upholstered seats, magazine shelves, cabinets, dividers inserts, drawers, hangers, locks, castors and legs, whiteboards, felt panels, cork panels, whiteboard panels, acrylic frosted or transparent sides, mirrors and more.


Inspire me.




Lacquered MDF

The Nylon components (GRID Modules and Cross Braces) and lacquered MDF components (e.g. Shelves, Cupboards
and Box Side Panels) are all available in these three colours. This makes it possible to use Black, White and Grey separately or in combination – creating endless design possibilities.

Looking good

With GRID, you can combine components in infinite ways. Feel free to mix colours and materials for a bolder style or go classic and create a monochrome look. We hope to inspire and encourage you to create your own unique design.

Special colours and materials can be ordered upon request. Contact us for more information.