Truly modular and flexible.
And the cube weighs less than 1 kilo per unit.

What do you want to build?

Based on the iconic cube – the GRID module – and its many accessory components, GRID is the ultimate flexible interior system. With its unprecedented adaptability, components from the GRID collection can be combined for a beautiful and functional solution – no matter where or how. In all three dimensions, you can build and rebuild. It is a truly modular system that provides architects and designers with room for play.

Get inspired and choose GRID for workplaces, retail, libraries, education, hotels, restaurants, museums, galleries, events and fairs. Browse our many references from around the world where architects and interior designers have chosen GRID as their modular interior system.

Build and rebuild.

The GRID modules are the building blocks and create the framework for the system. Once the foundational structure is in place, you can add countless functions, features and designs. When new needs arise, existing components can be removed and new functions can be added and adapted for a new design. With its durable modularity, GRID provides the unique freedom to reconfigure and match your changing interior design needs. Designed to last for decades.

Read more about how we commit ourselves to sustainability here.

Start with one cube. Add one more and you get the system.

This is the one and only original cube. Designed by Peter J. Lassen back in 2004. Peter was the founding father of Danish design furniture company Montana Furnitures and had a special love for working with cubistic design. Read about Peter and the idea behind the original cube here. Or let us show you the system – how one cube can be connected to another. Together with components, you can form the interior that meets your design needs.

The original cube

With GRID you can design personal and collaborative spaces

Stop looking for fixed solutions for your space design. With GRID you have no borders – just endless modularity and expressions. Go transparent or solid. Go high or low. Go multi-functional for personal and collaborative spaces and zones, and add accessories like cupboards, shelves, boxes, acoustic panels, biophilic details like moss or plants, customised panels with graphics, mirrors and lighting. Our components are like building blocks – and you are invited to start playing. Let’s make your space work.

Modules in black, grey and white and a number of
material surfaces. For indoors and outdoors.

While black, grey and white are the GRID system’s standard colours, a number of material surfaces are included in the collection. These materials can be combined in countless ways to create strong visual effects. Check out GRID colours and materials. 

Let's inspire you. Choose your space.

Design possibilities with the modular GRID are endless. We are here to help you make your interior ideas come true. Find inspiration from previous projects. Think inside the cube or outside the well-defined structures. No ideas are too big or small for your next interior system or artistic installation.