Museum & Gallery interior

The true art of museum and gallery interiors begin with the original cube designed and made in Denmark.

Build and rebuild display walls and modular exhibition systems perfect as museum & gallery interior

With GRID as display system, any curator, exhibition designer, conservationist and marketer can creatively display art to the public. You can build walls and structures in any height, width and depth with GRID modules and add components that adds to the exhibition. Our team will guide you towards the best design with GRID – and you can build and rebuild elements again and again. Our cubes are optimal building blocks and allows you to create beautiful exhibitions and even museum shop interiors. With display walls, podiums, seating – even floors – made of GRID. Welcome to GRID. Making space work.

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See how curators and designers use GRID for museum and gallery exhibitions.

Visit our References and filter to see Museums & Galleries with GRID as a modular interior system, based on the original cube designed by Peter J. Lassen.