Instructions for assembly

Instructions for assembly

Assembly instructions
Assembly Instructions (EN)
Montageanleitung (DE)
Montagevejledning (DK)

How to assemble GRID

The visible mounting holes are the ‘public secret’ to why GRID is such a genius system. Mounting holes in the frame make it easy to assemble countless modules to fit your needs – in any height, width and depth. The special GRID Screw with hexagonal hole for Allen key in both ends means easier assembling and disassembling – again and again. You can connect two, ten og hundreds of GRIDs and add shelves and sides, top and base panels in different materials, cross braces, hangers, planters, upholstered seats, magazine shelves, cabinets, whiteboards, felt panels and cork panels. All of these component make it possible to create a design solution that meets your needs.

Reusable in every way

Once the foundational structure is in place, you can add countless functions, features and designs using GRID components such as drawers, shelves, cabinets, felt and cork panels, whiteboards, upholstered seats, or planters. With its modular flexibility, GRID modules can be taken apart and built again in new ways – a future-proof investment that can last for years to come.