Designed and produced in Denmark

The GRID module = The original cube.
Designed by Peter J. Lassen.

The original cube

Peter J. Lassen (1930-2019) designed GRID in 2004, where he pursued his vision of creating an interior design system with unprecedented freedom. With an open and modular structure that can be expanded in all directions, Peter J. Lassen succeded in developing a GRID system that is designed for users to adapt and realise designs based on their unique needs. With visible mounting holes, you can easily combine two, two hundreds or thousands of modules in all three dimensions.

Peter Lassen - høj

Peter J. Lassen was also the founder of Danish design icon Montana Furniture, known for its shelving system and colour scheme. Peter J. Lassen has been working in the furniture industry since 1954. During his time as managing director of the furniture producer Fritz Hansen (1955-1978), he cooperated with renowned Danish architects such as Arne Jacobsen, Jørn Utzon, Piet Hein and Verner Panton. Their influence can be seen in the modern, clear and minimalist lines of his designs.

Produced in Denmark and assembled by hand. In our workshop north of Copenhagen.

All components are produced in Denmark by local suppliers. In our warehouse in Lynge, north of Copenhagen, we prepare and pre-assemble almost every order leaving the workshop. Configurations are assembled by hand to create customised GRID designs. Read about the system and how to create with GRID.

Lightweight and strong. Moulded in one piece.

The lightweight GRID modules are produced in one piece – here in Denmark. The original cube is made of fibreglass-reinforced nylon (PA6, 30% glass), which can be converted into granules and recycled. The frame holds the same solid colour throughout the material. It is also UV and heat resistant.


Shelves/sides and top/base/side panels are made of 12 or 25 mm MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard). As standard, shelves/sides and top/base/side panels are lacquered in black, grey or white or veneered with white-pigmented oak. See all materials, colours and possibilities.

“A GRID is more than meets the eye. It’s what you want it to be.”

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Karim H. Naqib
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Behind the scenes.
Where passion thrives.

The people of GRID are passionate. In sales, design, finance, marketing, production, assembly, shipping and service, we are proud to stand on the shoulders of Peter J. Lassen’s vision every day. Working with us is easy and rewarding, and we think you should join us. If you are curious to find out more, contact us now.


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