GRID at 3 days of design, 12 – 14 June 2024

GRID at 3 days of design, 12-13-14 June 2024

"Transcendence takes place in an industrial hall formerly used to produce ship engines at District Refshaleøen in Copenhagen with sharpened focus on materials and sustainability. Architect and curator, Frederikke Aagard will install a dreamy vision in this rather raw space made from natural and recycled materials, which will be reused after the exhibition. Through insightful installation and hands-on demonstrations, this exhibition invites visitors to delve deeper into our perception and understanding of materials and gain a newfound appreciation for their significance in the objects we create and consume. TRANSCENDENCE will bring together big and small, commercial and research, designers and craftsmen - all idealists, who want to make an impact in manufacturing, sourcing, distribution, and longevity of design." Source:3daysofdesign.dk 

Dare to dream. Dare to build.

Welcome to GRID’s main spot during 3 days of design 2024. We are a part of the curated “Transcendence” exhibition at District Refshaleøen.

Exhibition address:

Werkstatt 167
Refshalevej 167 A

Refshaleøen is just a short boat trip away from the central part of Copenhagen. Catch a boat, jump on a bike or a bus and make sure to enjoy the urban district where the industrial past is reflected in its raw architecture. Here you find Reffen Street Food Market and you can see the famous dry ski slope atop a waste-to-energy plant. 

Find your way

Refshaleøen has several points o entry from other districts during the festival. Catch the ferry 991 from Orientkaj, District Nordhavn, or 992 from Nyhavn, walk or rent a bike from District Holmen near the Opera House, or simply jump on Copenhagen’s vast network of public transport. Bus 2A from Copehagen Central Station will take you to District Refshaleøen.  

As for parking, Refshaleøen is a working industrial area, so please be aware of limited public parking spaces and parking restrictions during the event.

GRID is inside Werkstatt167 as a part of the curated Transcendence exhibition. As you will see, we also have delivered way-finding totems made of GRID for the whole District. Explore all exhibitors at District Refshaleøen – and other 3daysofdesign districts – at 3daysofdesign.dk 

Use the Google Maps below to plan your own transportation.

Dare to meet us?

2022_03_25_Grid_PersonaleBilleder_SS_ES 18_Jørgen_2

Jørgen Petersen

Charlotte Vyff Piper

Charlotte Vyff Piper

Marie-Louise Munter

Marie-Louise Munter

Silke Albrecht

Silke Albrecht

2022_03_25_Grid_PersonaleBilleder_SS_ES 2_Anne_2

Anne Brochorst Christensen

2022_03_25_Grid_PersonaleBilleder_SS_ES 20_Søren_2

Søren Ahlfors