GRID at Orgatec 2022

With the new products, the GRID family becomes larger and even better. Creating new possibilities.

At Orgatec 2022, from 25-29 October in Messehalle Koeln, Cologne, GRID launched new extensions to our range making the GRID product family larger and even better. 


Explore the new


Moss Panels
Support Beams
Half GRID Module

with Half Shelves/Sides and Half Top/Base/Side Panels

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Thank you all for coming to our stand and for your interest in GRID. We are ready to inspire you to choose GRID – making (your) space work.

Moss Panels – adding a green touch to your space

Moss panels fits one GRID module and is a plug-n-play way to add a green wall, or parts of it, to your GRID interior. The moss is mummified and preserved with natural plant substances. Each panel is a mix of Turf and Cushion Moss and each panel is unique. Choose between a black, grey or white frame and backside.

Support Beams – makes your configuration stronger


Support beams can be used to reinforce and strengthen configurations. Recommended by free hanging GRID modules and by archway construction. Support brackets come for 3, 4 or 5 GRID modules and can be mounted inside or on top of GRID modules. A set of support beams consists of two beams with eye bolts. When needed the support beams can be mounted direct into the ceiling or hung by wires.

Half GRID Modules – even more possibilties


Half GRID modules are the system’s resized building blocks, perfect for narrow spaces, niches, etc. Niches can be used for TV screens, graphics, felt, cork, whiteboard panels and more. The lightweight modules are produced in one piece.


With visible mounting holes, you can easily combine two, three, hundreds or thousands of modules in all three dimensions. You can also combine half size modules with the original GRID modules. Assembled modules are easy to reconfigure and can always be taken apart and built again in new ways. A selection of GRID components are designed to fit these half size modules. Add half shelves/sides and half top/base/side panels to create the exact function and look desired.

All you need to know about the new products

Download our new Appendix to Product Guide


Explore all details of the

  • Moss Panels
  • Support Beams
  • Half GRID Module
  • Half Shelves/Sides
  • Half Top/Base/Side Panels