Financial Institution, London

Financial Institution, London

A financial institution in London requested the flexible GRID system as part of their office interior. The client needed modular office furniture that could be multifunctioning in the open plan office. Freestanding and wall-standing furniture were specified, and GRID’s modular design made it possible to combine functions, features and looks. If required GRID’s modularity makes it possible to disassemble and reuse components to create new configurations.


The modular office furniture specified for this financial institution in London are both practical and aesthetic. The structures are sculptural and artistic and can be used as display and storage. The well-defined structures leave a minimalist and light expression. The open shelves place full attention to the items displayed and make room for open storage. Cupboards provide closed storage space. GRID is the ultimate modular office furniture. The system offers a world of design possibilities and can be customised and re-design with the client’s changing needs.

Beautiful wall-standing interiors were designed and placed in meeting rooms, lounges and hallways. Some furniture structures were designed with arches that people could walk through and with upholstered seats for bench space. Cross braces were added as a visual expression and for stability in the arches and underneath the benches. These cross braces fashioned to the furniture structures add an extra visual layer turning the modular interior system into art.

Box side panels were assembled into boxes used as plant boxes with planting inserts. A perfect and elegant way to bring green life into the office space.

Freestanding room dividers were installed to divide the open plan office space into smaller areas. The goal was to create inviting and inspiring meeting and breakouts spaces and keeping the openness and natural light.

Selected dividers were designed in black GRID while others were specified in white. Units were designed with customised open and closed space, with shelves, cross braces and cupboards.

Freestanding and wall-standing furniture were specified, and GRID’s modular design made it possible to combine functions, features and looks.

Another elegant finish was the oak top used as tabletop on a mountain shaped wall-standing white structure. The modular GRID interior system enables different kinds of special made components if required.

The original cube, designed by Peter J. Lassen, as a building block - creating a long structure. Here you can sit on an upholstered bench and display books, plants and interior items in a wall- og freestanding unit. Made to measure.

GRID all over - in different shapes. For storage, display, seating, tables, and space division. GRID is a modular, multifunctional, movable furniture system, where the original cube can form any structure desired. In any height, width and depth.

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