Forbes Event, 30 sub 30, Romania

Forbes Event, 30 sub 30, Romania


Redline Contract


GRID was selected as display and event interior for the event ‘Forbes 30 sub 30’ in Romania. Modular displays were designed for the event that took place in Spring 2019. The freestanding displays included in this interior project were made from black modules. The open black structures are sculptural and place full attention to the panels displayed.

The Romanian edition ‘FORBES 30 sub 30’ originates from the international success model ‘FORBES 30 under 30 international’. The process leading up to the event is focusing on the business environment of young leaders and entrepreneurs. The purpose is to highlight those who have managed to break cliffs and have a positive influence on society. This 2019 event was the eighth edition and the selected GRID displays were installed in collaboration with REDLINE Contract. Besides being the eighth edition, this 2019 event was also celebrated as a summit and as an anniversary gala.



Customized shelf and side panels

Standard GRID shelf/side panels come as black, white or oak veneer but for this event special side panels were created. The client needed to showcase different info signs, portraits and logos. These special side panels even made it possible to incorporate colours reflecting the rest of the display and event interior. The special made side panels were placed in selected modules inviting people to walk around and exploring the displays.


The displays were placed in the bar and lounge area. This made it possible for people to read about the candidates and get more information before, during and after the event.




GRID is a modular interior system that can be used for many purposes. Modules can easily be assembled in any desired width, height and depth, from two to hundreds. Once the structure is in place, other standard or customised components can be added to the system.

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