Copenhagen Main Library

Copenhagen Main Library

One of our specialities: library interior for Copenhagen's main library

Copenhagen Main Library opened in 1913 and is the largest public library in Denmark. A contemporary library located at the heart of Copenhagen. Copenhagen Main Library is a four-floor public library that houses a universe of books, magazines, comics, records, and much more, and is the centre of activities for all ages.

For the open and inviting entrance hall, customised book displays and bookcases are specified with magazine shelves. Other book displays, bookcases, and poufs with upholstered seats are specified for different floors and areas at the library.

To accommodate the library’s need for re-decorating, a main design concept was to create smaller furniture sections with castors that can be combined and connected in different ways. While some of the book displays and bookcases are floor standing, most are fitted with castors, an essential feature for the re-interior design of the library.





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