Hauptverband der Deutsche Bauindustrie, Tag der Bauindustrie 2019, Berlin

Hauptverband der Deutsche Bauindustrie, Tag der Bauindustrie 2019, Berlin

Special coloured GRID for display and event interiors


GRID was turned into a completely customised display and exhibition unit for the event ‘Tag der Bauindustrie 2019’. Client Hauptverband der Deutschen Bauindustrie needed a versatile and multifunctional exhibition system that could function as display and event interiors. The Munich based architect firm Ediundsepp Gestaltungsgesellschaft completed the event design. In collaboration with GRIDstudio, the modular GRID interior system was selected as part of the event interiors. The result was a fresh walk-through installation that people could explore.

For this specific event special blue coloured GRID modules and cross braces were produced. The blue colour was a fresh element in the industrial looking event hall. The client needed a display unit from where they could present and communicate layers of information, facts and images. An installation that could be explored and could give a certain expression. The result was an eye-catching exhibition installation, made from blue coloured GRID, that participants could enter.

TV box and signs

Special signs with different prints on were added to the display covering one or more modules. Signs were placed inside and outside the structure. A TV box was fitted to the exhibition system making digital display possible.

GRID’s modular and flexible design made it possible to create the exact configuration needed for the event. The display was designed as columns connected by a ceiling structure turning it into a walk-through installation.  Other blue modules were installed inside a container and used for forming the client’s logo.

The modular GRID can be designed in various ways with many different functions and features. Once the structure is in place, standard components from the GRID collection or customised components can be fashioned. The system’s flexible and durable design makes it possible to re-use components to create new installations and furniture. This makes GRID perfect as display, exhibition and event interior.

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