Sparekassen Thy, Viborg

Sparekassen Thy, Viborg


Redoffice Konpap

Joakim Olsen


Sparekassen Thy in Viborg relocated to new facilities in June 2018. The interior was designed by ERIK Arkitekter to 'remind the customers about the bank's origin, close to the North Sea coast'.

The bank has not the layout of a typical conservative bank. But instead is spacious and designed with organic shapes - exactly like the logo of Sparekassen Thy.

The brief included devising a client meeting area that allowed for discretion within the otherwise open-plan space. GRID was specified to form this multi-functioning room-in-room space. Freestanding and wall standing units were designed with oak display boxes and oak plant boxes. ERIKarkitekter were able to create a space where clients can discuss financial matters discretely, divided from the rest of the office while still enjoying the openness of the entire space.

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